Delicate and elegant aromas Dior Addict has long captured the hearts of women around the world. This season the family Addict supplemented version of the scent concentration of toilet water. “This is more than spirits. It is a frenzy of feelings, it’s exciting soul dependence”, – the producers say.
New this summer, perfume Dior Addict, promises to open for you a real wonderland. Created fragrance perfumer Francois Demachy, calls his creation “bright, causing an immediate reaction surrounding statement.” “It is a holistic, but not pompous, charming, but not flashy about me” – says Demachy.

Composition Dior Addict disclosed refreshing combination of notes of Sicilian Mandarin and Tunisian neroli. The essence of sandalwood gives the whole composition irresistible aura.

Sandal wood gives the flavor of milk wood sound,warm and “live”. This note is a real addiction,” – says the perfumer.

Face new items become star fashion catwalks, Russian woman Sasha Luss. Worked on an advertising campaign directed by Harmony Korine and Ryan McGinley photographer. They are easily able to capture the youth model, her beauty and willingness to live for adventure. Sasha Luss appears before the audience in the form of “the mistress of his own kingdom” it seems to invite you to go to the fascinating world of crazy fantasies with her.